Planet of the Apes (1974)


Experimentation involving nuclear energy proves to be successful. This form of energy is soon introduced to the ever-growing scientific environment and even into the background of social projects as well.

Episode: 'The Trap'.
Note: Peter Burke's account of human kind's past achievements to General Urko. Nuclear energy seems to be the only item already estabilished in Burke's present time: "I come from the time when this was built. I know things about this place that can help us. Look, do you know what that is? It's a railroad car Urko, it use to carry people, humans, understand, on rails, its power source was nuclear energy (...)".

1980 A.D.

The day: 8-19-1980. Alan Virdon, Major Peter J. Burke & Jonesy depart the Earth to reach Alpha Centauri. The vessel abruptly disappears in the storming of a radioactive turbulence (the Outburst), a phenomenon which powers the wormhole known as 'Radius'. They will emerge in (maybe) 3085 A.D.

Note: Virdon & Burke's spacecraft vessel can travel at "warp velocities", far superior to light. Virdon's attachement to his family suggests that he didn't embark on a "one ticket" journey. There's no evidence they weren't supposed to come back to their "present-time" Earth.

1991 A.D.

Autumn. Unspecified astronauts embark on a revolutionary trip towards Alpha Centauri. The vessel will abruptly disappear, and dismissed as "lost".

Episode: 'Escape from Tomorrow'.

2100s (or further)

Solar energy is widely used. Complete nutrition is available in pill form. Organ replacement via Formula C3 is in use. Disposable clothing, that can be worn and then washed down the drain, are fashionable. Emotional disorders could be treated electronically via ENM (Electronic Neurological Monitor).

Episode: 'The Trap'.
Note: Peter Burke's account of human kind's past achievements. He wasn't speaking from personal experience, this is what he must have learnt during his peregrinations on the Planets of the Apes Gamma.


In order to preserve human history, near the verge of destruction, the Scientists bury 'Vaults' full of computers throughout various cities of the world, including Oakland (California), as well as holographic projectors in hermetically sealed places nearby each Vault.

Episode: 'The Legacy'.
Note: the group, which had foreknowldge of the impending nuclear war, wisely declared: "the destruction of our world is now imminent" – a message spoken by the holographically recorded robed man.


As previously envised, "the" World War breaks out. Some of the main cities of the East Coast are nuked. The West Coast, involved by the conflict, is shaked by starvation and internal problems. Chaos and anarchy make literally fall down every city in the world.

Note: as suggested by the infamous illustration from the book Virdon and Burke picked-up from Farrow's possessions, New York lasted until the 26th century – being the pic dated back to 2503 A.D.


During the war, the West Coast was less interested by the whirpool of annihilation and devastation. Thus, in the post-nuclear timeframe, Humans have a (liable) chance to start a recovering of some sort. The "wild" Apes estabilish their dominion on them as soon as they can.


The early part of the 'Ornan Period'. A fever, which struck only the human population, killed several hundred people in a section of the rural zone. The entire sector became barren for years afterward.

Peter Karsten: "This was described in 'The Cure'. It is impossible to accurately pinpoint the exact date of the 'Ornan Period'. The implication is that it occurred hundreds of years in the past and was not common knowledge to the Ape population at large".

2985 A.D. (or further)

Apes raid the village of Borak for human slaves. Many beings are killed on both sides. Finally a meeting arranged and an agreement is reached. The Humans would provide five slaves twice a month during the summer months for work in the mines.

Episode: 'The Liberator'.
Peter Karsten: "Brun describes this sad history in 'The Liberator'. He states that this happened "a long, long time ago". His ceremony is described as being done in the fashion of "Our fathers and our father's father". It can be postulated that this happened a century previously before the living-memory of anyone in the village. It can be presumed that it occurred within three or four generations".

3058 A.D. (or further)

Galen is born in Central City to Yalu and Ann. Yalu, Galen's father will be elected to the High Council in the future to come, around the time Galen would become a renegade.

Episode: 'The Interrogation'.
Peter Karsten: "This is an inference. Roddy McDowell was 46 in 1974, his actual date of birth is 1928. This would hardly qualify him as "a young Chimp". This is an age when people are establishing themselves in society".

3060 A.D. (or further)

Barlow becomes 'Prefect' for the human settlement of Kaymak. He introduces gladiatorial combat to channel the aggressive impulses of Humans. Soon after Tolar falls in love and sires a son.

Episode: 'The Gladiators'.
Peter Karsten: "Barlow states in 'The Gladiators' that he has been Prefect for 25 years. Tolar states that Dalton's mother was interested in him because of the games".

3065 A.D. (or further)

Aboro is caught cheating in the final days of his senior year. He is sent to remote Hathor to serve as 'District Chief'. The blot on his record prevents his promotion.

Episode: 'The Tyrant'.
Peter Karsten: "Aboro remarks that the incident occurred twenty years ago in 'The Tyrant'. The fact that he was not drummed out of the service implies that he was near the end of his studies".

3074 A.D. (or further)

January. West Coast: two unspecified astronauts emerge from the Radius, and abruptly crash on the Planet of the Apes Gamma. They are interrogated and eventually killed.

Episode: 'Escape from Tomorrow'.
Note: "More than ten years ago", according Councillor Zaius.
Patrick Tilton: "Virdon confronts Zaius with the last of those grenades, threatening to kill him unless he cooperates. He asks him, "Where did you get this?". Zaius tells him, "A Human" who "didn't live long enough to tell [him] his name" who "was caught trying to sneak into the city." I think that the events of the past astronauts had to have involved those grenades, for the simple fact that Zaius immediately looks at those grenades in his glass-enclosed cabinet when he learns about the new spaceship Veska's report spoke of".

3080 A.D. (or further)

Chimpanzee Anto, eldest son of Polar, begins to anxiously wait for a male calf to be born so that he may start his own farm. His involvement with Virdon and Burke will be important: they leave a few traces of twentieth century human culture, like certain agricultural and farming techniques, that don't do much good for the Humans but eventually serve to advance Ape civilization.

Episode: 'The Good Seeds'.
Note: Anto says that he has been waiting for five years in 'The Good Seeds'.

3085 A.D. (or further)

The day: 7-14-3085? Virdon, Burke and Jonesy crash-land on the Planet of the Apes Gamma, outside the human settlement of Chailo, in the region of the United States that was once south-western California. Jonesy dies in the crash. At this time the Ape government, which rules over most of the area, is an orangutan faction headed by Councillor Zaius. General Urko, a gorilla, works cooperatively with him. To Zaius and Urko, the constant threat of the renegade astronauts starting a human rebellion. The astronauts gain the chimpanzee Galen as a friend and travelling companion. In the while, they also search for a way to return home, even if this chance never materializes.

Episode: 'Escape from Tomorrow'.
Note: "July 14th 3085 A.D." is the first account reported by the Date Meter (as shown by the credits of the series) but the day the ANSAnauts landed, Prefect Veska arrived with his gorillas and damaged the ship to the point the Meter "fizzled" and reported a second date: "3-21-3985". Both are wrong, since Virdon believes the strument just stopped to work during the warp transition.


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