U.S.A.F. is promoted as new diamond head for America's external space missions.

Note: the Oberon orbital station belongs to a USAF project.


Near extinction and various problems (including pollution) affect the "ordinary" monkeys and apes.

2027 A.D.

Capt. Leo Davidson leaves Earth to serve on USAF space station Oberon.

Note: friends and family referred to Davidson being away from home for 2 years in the video "postcard" (see POTA 2001).

2029 A.D.

The day: 02-07-2029 A.D. Operations on USAF Oberon interrupted by what has been apparently classified as an "electromagnetic storm" on this date. Lt. Gen. Vasich orders chimpanzee pilot Pericles sent out in Exploration Unit A (Alpha Pod) at 16:00 to investigate. Pericles disappeares into the Fractal shortly thereafter, followed by Leo Davidson in Delta Pod.
Presumibly, the Oberon is engulfed by the Fractal after some time (months?).

0 Apeline Delta Year (Earth-Time: 1256 A.D.)

Oberon USAF Station emerges from the Fractal, bringing Semos and the genetically enhanced Apes to the environment of the main planet of the universe known as 'Disruption'.

Note: assuming the 675 unit as milestone parameter for time travelling into the Fractal, the Oberon travelled 3285 years (5 units) back in time, while Leo (and Pericles) travelled 657 years (1 unit) in the future.

3942 Apeline Delta Year (Earth-Time: 2686 A.D.)

Leo Davidson lands on the Planet of the Apes Delta and goes captured. In few days he manages to escape from his persecutors and to spark the revolution of the Humans against the Apes. In the process he'd eventually discover the truth about the origin of the simian civilization while investigating in the ruins of CALIMA. Pericles in Alpha Pod will also emerge from the Fractal during the end of a huge battle.

Note: "10/26/2686" is the last account visible on Pericles's display while Alpha Pod is approaching the Fractal on its way back to Earth. It has been estimated that the USAF-based instruments are synched with the Earth-Time. Thus, Leo travelled about 657 "earthling-equivalent" years in the future.


1920 A.D.

The Army of Thade, piloting large Gamma Ships, arrives on Earth and easily conquers the planet.
Thade will be always remembered as a pivotal figure: "In this temple - as in the heart of all Apes - for whom he saved our planet - the memory of General Thade - is enshrined forever".
The Planet of the Apes Theta is thus born.

2155 A.D.

Leo Davidson crashes on the Planet of the Apes Theta. He is soon surrounded by Humanoid Gorillas and treated like an "alien" from another planet.


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